When dealing with pests, it may seem like there is a one-size-fits-all approach. Many people treat any pest that they find in their homes with a generic pest product, however, this can be an ineffective and expensive way to treat and control pests.

Each type of pest varies in how it can be taken care of. In order to ensure that your pest control treatment will be as effective as possible, your treatment methods should be customized depending on the specific type of pest you are dealing with.

The first step in creating a pest control treatment plan is to consult an expert. Nvirotect Pest Control Services, the leading Tampa pest control company, will work to develop a tailored plan that meets your specific needs. Explore more below on why proper pest identification is so important, and how Nvirotect Pest Control Services can help keep you and your loved ones stay safe and comfortable.

Identifying Pests

To determine a proper treatment plan for pests in your home, the first step is to properly identify the pests. Sometimes, pests are beneficial to the ecosystem and are not dangerous at all, and may not need to be treated the way that other pests would. Other times, pests may look similar and can have dangerously different consequences, such as termites and ants, which require a specific treatment for proper elimination. To avoid unnecessary and potentially costly mistakes in treatment plans, the pest itself must be properly identified.

There are many ways to identify the pests in your home, whether it is on your own or by consulting the experts at Nvirotect Pest Control Services. The University of Florida’s IFAS program has a handy pest identification database that can be referenced for pests that are local to Florida. In addition, you can also send our expert Service Technicians photos that help us determine the best green-certified pest control solutions for your home.

Finding the Source

Another aspect of identifying the proper route of pest control treatment is to find the source of the pests. This includes not only the location of the source, but also why the pests are there.

In many cases, pests can be prevented with non-chemical methods, such as monitoring moisture levels within the home or woodwork, clearing trees and branches that are touching your structure, ensuring door sweeps are intact, or even simply turning your outside lights off at night or using yellow light bulbs if they remain on. Once you can find the source of the pests, you will be able to easily come up with an effective treatment solution. Nvirotect Pest Control Services will also help you with one of our expert, effective green certified pest control plans.

Treating Pests Properly

Once the type of pest has been identified, as well as the reason as to why they are in your home, Nvirotect Pest Control Services, the premier green pest control company in Tampa, will create a customized plan based on the proper pest control treatment strategy.

At Nvirotect, the leaders in Green Pest Control in Tampa, our green mission statement means that we try to help you find a solution that is both environmentally friendly and safe for your family and pets. We offer custom-tailored control services and products that are not only effective but either have reduced toxicity or are completely non-toxic. We are proud to use botanically-based green products in our services that keep you and your loved ones safe from hazardous chemicals.

Helping You Treat Pests Effectively and Safely

It is no secret that dealing with pests can be stressful. Many people opt for purchasing over-the-counter generic pest products and assume that this will eliminate the issue. To effectively treat and control pests, it is important to know exactly what pest you are dealing with, as well as their unique behaviors, to determine the best plan for treatment.

With Nvirotect Pest Control Services, you can rest assured that our experts will work with you every step of the way to treat and control pests in your home.

For help in pest identification and treatment for your home or business, give Tampa’s leading pest control service company a call today at 813.968.7031 or complete our contact request form for a competitive quote.