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Nvirotect is the first Green Pro Certified pest control service in Florida. We’re always striving to provide safe, cutting-edge services to the residents of Tampa Bay.  By focusing on pest prevention, green products & practices, along with non-chemical means to pest proofing we provide safer, more environmentally friendly pest control services that give you the results wanted.

Green-Minded Treatments

Insects can enter your home via many different avenues. Our trained technicians inspect for possible entry points for your home. They are also trained on conditions that are conducive to pest harborage or serve as pest attractants.  From our findings we recommend corrective action, preventative treatment and address any current issues while keeping to our green certified program.

Sustainable Perimeter Treatments

Our Green Pest control program always begins with a comprehensive inspection, completed by our team of trained professionals. Here, they will identify harborage areas for insects and determine methods to minimize the food sources that can attract insects to your home. Every residential pest service from Nvirotect includes a perimeter treatment of liquid or granular barrier. Because prevention is the best means for keeping pesky bugs out, this step is crucial to protecting your home. Due to seasonal changes, we will use a specially created formula to  address seasonal invaders that are present.

What is Green Pest Control?

Green pest control services embrace Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a pest control method that takes a stronger scientific stance against pests than traditional pest control services. The cornerstone is prevention. That’s why Nvriotect is so passionate about stopping insects before they enter your property. When pests are already present, a key piece of green pest control services is to offer custom-tailored control services and products that are safe and effective.

Unlike most pest control companies that use cheap, highly-toxic pesticides; we use products that have reduced toxicity or are non-toxic. Our product range includes green botanically based and naturally-sourced products in addition to highly targeted and effective biodegradable products. Additionally, each of our technicians go through monthly training. This is way above the state-mandated 2 hours that most companies adhere to in Tampa to ensure proper and consistent product selection and application as well as green practices and protocols.

Trust Nvirotect for your pest control services. Rest easy knowing your home and loved ones are safe from insects and the harsh chemicals typically used to treat them. With effective products that are environmentally friendly and effective on pests, Nvirotect is Tampa’s premier provider of green pest control services. Isn’t it time to start thinking green?

Take your home back and put your mind at ease by requesting a quote from Nvirotect today.