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Nvirotect’s State-Of-The-Art-Termite Elimination and Prevention Programs.

Nvirotect Preventing Wood Damage
Nvirotect's Termite Services - Preventing Wood Damage

Termite Elimination and Prevention Programs

Nvirotect is the leader in the development and implementation of state-of-the-art termite control in Tampa through control and prevention procedures.  As with all of our other programs, our Termite Programs are focused on protecting the structure and the environment while eliminating the source of the problem and building a level of protection for your property.
We offer a wide array of products and termite services, from very general applications for subterranean termite prevention all the way to the most complicated needle injection procedures for other wood-destroying organisms.  These termite services are designed to give our customer the best value and the best products at all times, while maintaining the strictest compliance to federal and state laws.
Due to the individual nature of each and every structure, we require a complete property assessment in order to give you an accurate estimate and develop the best service protocols.  Each of our inspections covers a variety of items including elements that could lead to termites or other wood destroying organisms entering your home or building in the future.  We will provide you a detailed report of our findings and make suggestions on ways you could help minimize potential points of entry.  Overall, we’re helping to protect the structural integrity of your building or home while creating ways you could help minimize potential points of entry.  Overall, our Tampa termite exterminator services are helping to protect the structural integrity of your building or home while creating a safer and healthier environment.

Our Wood-Destroying Organism (WDO) and Termite Programs Include

faviconFlorida State Consumer Consent Form

This form was developed by the state of Florida to protect homeowners and their rights when it involves termite protection. Covers term of warranty, bond transfer and species covered.

faviconDetailed Service Assessment

This assessment is a full scale drawing of the structure. This graph includes any conducive areas, infestation identification, water and power lines, slab type, existing damage and several other items.

faviconService Report

Nvirotect’s service report covers everything from the type of product used, EPA registration number and LOT number to the individual products we used and the mixture rate to ensure the top quality and proper efficacy of application.

faviconService Agreement

Our Service Agreement will guarantee you the best application available and will ensure that you have the proper understanding of all treatments that will be taking place at your property.

faviconApplication By A Certified Operator

At Nvirotect we believe that our service professionals should be the best in the business. Your application will be performed by a state-certified operator. This allows you the peace of mind that the job will be done right the first time.

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Wood-destroying organisms we can control or prevent:

Eastern Subterranean Termites
Dry-Wood Termites
Formosan Subterranean Termites
Powder Post Beetles
Old House Borers
Carpenter Bees
Additional Species

List of Services

Drywood Spot Treatment

Liquid Sub Treatments

Bait Systems


WDO Reports

Nvirotect Termite Services are Sentricon Certified Specialists
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Termidor Dry Termite
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