Have you cleaned out your pantry lately? Pantry pests contaminating your food and spreading throughout the kitchen is one of the most common household pest problems. If you are concerned that your pantry may be infested, have no fear.

The experts with Nvirotect Pest Control Services, the leading green pest control service in Tampa, can help you identify common pantry pests, understand how to avoid them, and treat them efficiently. Read on to learn more.

What are Pantry Pests?

Some of the most common pantry pests found in households across the world are moths, beetles, and weevils. These pests are brought into your home from the outside, typically as eggs on food containers and packaged goods bought at the grocery store, farmers market, food warehouses, etc. These eggs can often be difficult to spot at first glance.

Once inside your pantry, these eggs will hatch into beetles/weevils and begin to explore other food items. They are most attracted to foods like cereals, grains, flour, dried beans, rice and lentils. As they are attracted to water sources as well, pantry pests will also explore outside of your pantry.

Pantry pests, while they come in different forms, often look like little moths, brown beetles, or small white caterpillars. You may also notice webbing or tiny holes in your products or packaging, which is a sure sign of pantry pests.

What to Do If You Have Pantry Pests

If you suspect that you have pantry pests, consider separating food items and placing them in individual containers or bags. Then, observe the walls of the containers or bags for crawling bugs. This way, you can easily determine whether or not your food has been contaminated.

In the event that your pantry is infested, it is crucial to clean out the entire pantry. This is the first step to take if you have pantry pests. While the source is one of the food items, pantry pests may have already spread further to other food items. By the time pantry pests are noticed, it is typically too late to avoid an infestation.

If any food has been spilled in the pantry, clean it up right away to avoid attracting more pests. And, it is best to avoid buying food in bulk. This way, pantry pests have less food to be attracted to, and you have less chance of wasting it if it gets contaminated. It is always important to properly store food in sealed containers.

How Nvirotect Treats Pantry Pests in Tampa

While pantry pests can be a stressful insect problem to have, Nvirotect Pest Control Services can help in a timely manner.

After you have removed your food items from the closet, you can wipe down the entirety of your pantry with either half bleach and half water, or half vinegar and half water solution. This helps with removing any tiny eggs, webbing, or bugs on the shelves and walls of your pantry. Our service technicians can provide a treatment to help eliminate any remaining bugs left inside the pantry.

We will also inspect other areas of the home, especially those where moisture is prominent, to ensure that the pantry pests have not spread any further. Offering the best green pest control in Tampa, our team is equipped to identify and remove these pesky critters so that your home and food items are clean and safe.

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If you have pantry pests, have no fear. At Nvirotect Pest Control Services, our team is prepared to keep you and your loved ones safe from these unsettling insects.

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