Additional Services

 faviconCockroach Elimination Service

Nvirotect’s Cockroach Elimination Service includes treatments to eliminate existing cockroach infestations and ongoing services to prevent future infestations. Using naturally-derived pesticides along with non-hazardous products, Nvirotect can produce effective solutions and maintain a safe environment. The first step to Nvirotect’s Cockroach Elimination Service is a thorough inspection of the facility to identify the problem, the causes of the pest issue and the treatment method required for elimination.

Following GreenPro standards, the least hazardous treatment options will be utilized first. Depending on treatment efficacy, additional options acknowledged by GreenPro Standards, are implemented to produce optimal results. Following the initial inspection, an initial treatment is scheduled. Services are then conducted per Nviotect’s service protocols. For German Cockroaches, a follow up inspection and treatment (if needed) is scheduled approximately 10-14 days after the initial treatment is complete. Ongoing services are scheduled on a monthly basis to properly protect the customer’s facilities.

faviconAnt and Occasional Invader Service

Ant problems are common throughout the United States, and especially in Florida. Nvirotect will aggressively treat exterior nests with organic products designed to protect your facility from invasive ant species as well as other exterior pests. Nvirotect will also treat interior areas of facilities for ants if necessary between services. We make it our business to protecting people while protecting our environment.

faviconFlea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are some of the most unpleasant types of pest that a homeowner faces. They can affect your animal’s health as well as the well-being of your family. Nvirotect offers several additional pest control services options for flea and tick control that are 100% affective.

faviconPest Entry Point Repair Services

Keeping pests out of your facility is the greenest way to remain pest free. Nvirotect service technicians will always look for areas that allow pests to invade your facility, such as, a door missing a door sweep to keep mice out, or a gap in a window that allows ants to come in. Then they will offer additional pest control services to eliminate these problems. Nvirotect service technicians have the ability and technical knowledge to keep pests out of your facility.

faviconRodent Protection Services

Nvirotect will inspect for rodent activity at every account during every service at no additional charge. Nvirotect’s Rodent Protection Service includes inspection, remedy of existing infestations, and protective services against rodents. Utilizing the industry’s premier rodent protection equipment and techniques, Nvirotect Service Technicians can handle any rodent issue, both discreetly and professionally.