Why Springtime Pest Prevention Can Put Your Mind at Ease

Springtime is right around the corner, and with it brings new life – and more pests to worry about. Springtime pest prevention can put your mind at ease. When the weather warms up, those insects that laid dormant during winter reemerge to breed and start new colonies. This is especially true for homes in Tampa, Florida as the weather is typically much warmer than in other regions around the U.S. this time of year. Use these 6 tips to prevent an infestation this season.

Controlling Plant Growth

A pest infestation is as easy as one branch touching the exterior of your home, which is why controlling plant growth is so important. Trees that have become overgrown and bushes that seem to be too bushy near the outside of your home can create hot spots for insects to breed. This is because overhanging plants create shady, damp areas – a paradise for many types of bugs. Additionally, limbs, branches or shrubs touching the house create a superhighway into your home above the preventative barrier.

Maintaining Your Lawn

A tidy lawn is great for reasons that go beyond the pure aesthetic. When your grass becomes overgrown, it creates the perfect hiding spot for ticks and fleas. Depending on what type of grass you have, your lawn can grow more rapidly in the springtime meaning its extra important to keep up with a weekly mow schedule. If fleas and ticks are an issue for you, please contact Nvirotect for a free quote.

Remove Excess Debris

Man pushing wheelbarrow over fresh cut grass

It should come as no surprise that insects love to hide in random debris in and around your home. Once it warms up, getting rid of any unused firewood is important for deterring pests and snakes. And if you have any items in your yard that could be collecting pooling water, make sure to take care of those too to avoid mosquitos.

Seal All Entry Points

In Florida, we are lucky to have calm winters; but it’s still a good idea to check for cracks or holes the cold weather or settling may have caused. Windows and screens are the most common culprits for allowing bugs to get inside. And don’t forget to check the door sweeps and chalking around windows and doors as well! If you do happen to spot possible entry points, you can partner with a pest control service like Nvirotect to spray and seal any vulnerable areas.

Spring Clean Your Gutters

It’s not uncommon for pieces of decaying wood from tree branches over the house or leaves to end up in your gutters. This may not sound like a looming threat, but this type of wood can attract a variety of bugs like termites, carpenter ants and more. A gutter that’s clogged can’t do its job of letting rainwater through, leading to blockages and standing water. This type of standing water is notorious for attracting mosquitos, cockroaches, rodents and more.

Partner with Pest Control

The most effective way to protect your home from the emerging springtime bugs is to partner with an experienced pest control service like Nvirotect. Nvirotect provides services like exterior perimeter treatments and sweeping for spider webs, mud daubers and wasp nests to keep those creepy crawlies at bay and out of your Tampa home.

Taking a proactive approach to pest control is the best way to keep your home insect free this Spring. Don’t let the warmer weather get the best of you and your home, use these 6 tips to keep pets out all season long.

Take your home back and put your mind at ease by requesting a quote from Nvirotect today.