Residential Indoor Pest Control

We will exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering the highest quality service available at all times. We will continue to develop procedures that guarantee our customers the safest and most effective pest control available.

Nvirotect’s Green Certified Pest Control Programs

Protecting Your Home and Family.

As the best pest control company in Tampa, we are fully committed to providing the most innovative ”Green Certified” Pest Control program available in the Nation. By constant research we have developed state-of-the-art pest control procedures; these procedures will provide you and your family with the safest and most effective treatment available. Our residential program is designed based on regulations set forth by Pro Green and LEED for Homes – National initiative to develop a more sustainable living environment.
As an added value we have developed a complete environmentally and effective program for your home that includes treatment of areas that many companies forget about such as your mailbox, playground area and pool area. We will also include treatment of your “Tubes in the wall system.” The best part is this is part of our 7 step program at no charge. We also offer full termite protection, flea and tick control and rodent elimination at discounted rates to our pest control customers

Our Residential Pest Control Program Includes

faviconComprehensive Property Inspection

Our technicians are trained in identification of harborage areas for insects. They will also look for ants that may be trailing to a colony and ways to minimize food sources that draw insects into your home.

faviconInterior Baiting

Baiting is one of the most important parts of a proper residential pest control services. Rather than spraying harsh pesticides through your home we utilize innovative bait placement techniques. These procedures minimize the exposure of your family and pets from coming into contact with pesticides

faviconCrack and Crevice Treatment

Insects enter your home in a variety of ways. Our technicians are trained to treat the most common entry points on a regular basis. Part of our Green Certified program includes the treatment of cracks and crevices with a minimally invasive dust. This dust is a deterrent for insects to enter your home

faviconExterior Sweeping

Once we have finished our comprehensive inspection and preventative treatment, our technician will do a first level sweep of your properties’ awnings to eliminate spider webs, mud daubers, and wasp nests up to a height of 15 feet. This sweep will also allow for our technicians to re-inspect the exterior of your home for potential harborage areas.

faviconExterior Perimeter Treatment

Every service will include a perimeter treatment of a liquid or granular barrier. This is essential due to changes in the seasons during the year. This seasonal barrier will include a change in formulations as well as chemistry.

faviconTreatment of All Entry Points

Insects come from the outside. One of the most important aspects of a residential pest control services program is inspection and potential treatment of the entry points to your home.

faviconDetailed Reporting

After every treatment we will provide you a detailed report of our findings and product usage. We will also leave any special instructions and suggestions to ways we can work together to eliminate potential areas of infestation.

faviconTubes in The Wall Service

If your home has pre-existing “Pest Control Tubes in The Walls” we will treat them at your request at no additional charge

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Additional Value for Your Residential Program:

No Clean Up – Older methods of pest control required technicians to spray baseboards throughout your home and these products leave a residue that you have to clean up or deal with staining.
Inaccessible for Children and Pets – Children and pets cannot come into contact with our treatment. Older procedures that included baseboard spraying made it very easy for exposure.
Odorless Products – Our treatments are designed for the most sensitive of environments. Therefore we use products that are odorless inside your home.
Service Calls – Between regular scheduled services, service calls are free and performed within 24 hours when requested.