Have you ever opened a bag of sugar to find unwanted intruders inside of it? Pantry pests are a fairly common nuisance, and can grow in population undetected. If you are dealing with pantry pests, protect your home with the best green pest control in Tampa from Nvirotect Pest Control Services.

Common Pantry Pests in Florida

Sawtoothed Grain Beetles

Sawtoothed grain beetles can move around quickly and are one of the most commonly found “stored product pests” in the world, often found in grains. Adults have a brown, flattened body that is only 2.5 to 3 mm long. Female sawtoothed grain beetles can lay up to 285 eggs, and these beetles have an average lifespan of 6 to 10 months but can live longer than 3 years.


Mealworms prefer environments that are dark and damp and feed on food items that either have high moisture or have become moldy, typically in grain, meal, or flour sources. They range from reddish-brown to black and have flattened bodies that grow to be from ½ an inch to 1 full inch. Female mealworms will usually lay around 300 eggs at a time and, as a whole, mealworms will typically have a total lifespan of between 3 months and 1 year.

Flat Grain Beetles

Flat grain beetles are a fairly common pest worldwide that can usually be found in stored grain sources. In addition to grains, these larvae feed on dead insects that can additionally be found in the grain source. They have flattened, reddish-brown bodies that are only 2 mm long and can both fly and jump.

Mediterranean Flour Moths

The Mediterranean flour moth can be found worldwide in flour, cereals, biscuits, dog food, nuts, seeds, chocolate, and dried fruits, among other pantry food sources. The silk of these moths can contaminate any food that it comes into contact with, rendering it inedible. Adult Mediterranean flour moths have pale gray forewings and dirty white hind wings and have zig-zag gray lines on them. Adult female Mediterranean flour moths can lay several hundred eggs that can hatch in only three to five days.

Signs of Pantry Pest Infestation

Pantry pests are found in unused or unsealed food sources that are commonly found in pantries. Contrary to the belief that they can only be found in “dirty” homes, larger populations of them can infest food or ingredients before they are even purchased and brought into your home. However, one way for pantry pest populations to grow is by leaving foods out or not taking the time to close, seal, and store them properly. Once in one food source, pantry pests can also easily spread to other exposed foods.

Often, pantry pests are only discovered when opening a food source or ingredient, such as flour or sugar. Additionally, flying or crawling adult pantry pests, such as flour moths or beetles, are a sure sign of presence in your home. If you find pantry pests in your home, the best course of action is to seek treatment using the most effective green pest control in Tampa from Nvirotect Pest Control Services.


Prevention Techniques

The most successful way to prevent pantry pests in your home is by properly sealing all food sources and keeping them closed. Ensure that you store grain products and other baking ingredients in sealed containers, ideally air-vacuumed or in a screw-top jar. These storage methods will prevent pests from spreading, in addition to cutting out any food source that may attract more. Additionally, if there are cracks in the walls of your home, especially in your kitchen cabinets or pantry, seal or caulk them to prevent pests from entering your home.

Regularly and thoroughly wipe down and vacuum cabinets and shelves to pick up both attractive and infested food sources and materials. After vacuuming, take time to regularly wipe down cabinets and shelves with warm, soapy water or cleaners with bleach for proper cleaning. Contact Nvirotect Pest Control Services, the best pest control service in Tampa, when you discover the signs of pantry pest activity to proactively address this pest issue. 

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Pantry pests contaminate more food sources than they consume. If you find any pantry pests in your home, look no further than Nvirotect Pest Control Services for family-safe, effective pest control service in Tampa.

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