Have you ever noticed a tiny, odd-looking “bag” hanging from your wall? You could have a Plaster Bagworm problem. These small insects are white or gray in color, attracted to plaster and moisture, and love to live inside Florida homes.

While these insects can give you the creepy crawlies and ruin wool and silk products, have no fear. Nvirotect Pest Control Services offers Green Certified Pest Control in Tampa that can rid your home of Plaster Bagworms. Read on to learn more.

Plaster Bagworms Identification

The first step in eliminating Plaster Bagworms from your home is properly identifying them. Plaster Bagworms, also known as Phereoeca Uterella are tiny, white, or gray in color, and reside in small cocoons attached to the wall. Depending on what material your ceiling is made out of, they will attach themselves to the ceiling as well.

These insects often look like little pieces of casings, or long oblong-shaped lint stuck on the wall.

Plaster Bagworms start out as small worms that crawl across your floor, spin a casing out of any debris they can find like dirt, dust, and lint, and attach themselves to the wall. When they mature out of their casing, they eventually become adult moths. These adult moths are white, gray, and brown in color, and lay up to 200 eggs.

These eggs then incubate over the winter and hatch into new Plaster Bagworms. If you notice tiny holes in your silk or wool, little cocoons hanging on your wall or ceiling, or tiny worms crawling across your floor, this is a good indication that Plaster Bagworms are inside your home.

Finding the Source of Plaster Bagworms

Plaster Bagworms are extremely common in Florida, as they are attracted to moisture. They are also attracted to plaster, which is why they attach themselves to walls and ceilings.

Finding the source of Plaster Bagworms in your home begins with finding any potential moisture that could be drawing them in. This source can come in many different forms like steam from the shower, a leaky water heater, or the air conditioning drip pan. The source can also be wet garage walls or rainwater collecting outside.

Additionally, Plaster Bagworms are attracted to light. If you leave your light on in the garage, bathroom, porch, or kitchen overnight, you could unknowingly welcome these insects to invade your space.

Another common source of Plaster Bagworms is dead insects. Plaster Bagworms feed on dead insects, and often use them to build their cocoons. If you have excessive dead insects or debris in your home, this could be contributing to the Plaster Bagworm issue.

Treating Plaster Bagworms With Green Pest Control in Tampa

There are several crucial ways that you can treat Plaster Bagworms in your home. Nvirotect Pest Control Services is ready to help with the leading Green Certified Pest Control in Tampa.

Our expert Service Technicians inspect for any moisture sources in your home and provide treatment to the wall, floor, and any other impacted areas. This can help not only remove Plaster Bagworms but also keep them away.

We recommend always making sure that your home is cleaned, swept, and vacuumed. This way, Plaster Bagworms will not have anything to feed on or build their cocoons with. As Plaster Bagworms also feed on wool and silk, consider keeping any items made with wool or silk safe in sealed plastic bags.

We also suggest keeping your air conditioner on low, as temperatures above 75 degrees can create moisture in your home and attract Plaster Bagworms. If you have humidity control on your air conditioner, it is best to always have this turned on.

Finally, be sure to turn your lights out at night. If you must use a light throughout the night, consider using one with a yellow shade rather than a bright white one. This will help limit the number of insects that are attracted to the lights in and around your home.

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Plaster Bagworms are an unsettling site to see clinging to your walls and ceiling, flying around your space, and crawling across your floor. The good news is, Nvirotect Pest Control Services can help with effective, safe Green Pest Control in Tampa.

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