At first glance, squirrels may appear harmless, but they have the potential to cause significant damage to your property and put your family’s health at risk. As the leading green-certified wildlife removal company, our mission is to keep you informed about the signs that squirrels have invaded your property. This article will delve into the problems and red flags associated with squirrel infestations.

Ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones calls for seeking high-quality professional wildlife removal in Tampa, provided by Nvirotect Pest Control Services. As practitioners of Integrated Wildlife Management (IWM), we conduct thorough inspections and evaluations of your property to devise the most effective plan for squirrel eviction. Our practices are in strict compliance with the regulations set by the county and state of Florida, ensuring that all nuisance wildlife is evicted from your structure humanely and safely.

Understanding Squirrel Personalities

Squirrels are often recognized as cute animals but are technically classified as rodents. They are foragers and seek shelter in warm, safe spaces where they can nest and find food. Squirrels are also active and have a tendency to burrow and can create holes in your property’s structure. 

The most popular type of squirrel in Florida is the Eastern gray squirrel. Bushy-tailed and weighing in at an average of 1.5 pounds, these squirrels are highly perceptive and vocal. They tend to make their homes in more forested areas but will sometimes seek shade and protection from the heat in homes and other buildings.Squirrels do not belong in your property. If you suspect that squirrels are living in your home or business, contact Nvirotect Pest Control Services for safe rodent removal in Tampa.

Identifying Warning Signs of Squirrel Infestation

In Florida, squirrel infestations are prevalent due to the state’s warm climate and abundant food sources. Squirrel behavior can lead to damaged wires, insulation, and structural elements, resulting in costly repairs. Moreover, squirrels are known carriers of diseases, and their bites can pose health risks to humans.

To avoid extensive damage and potential health hazards, you should address squirrel infestations promptly. If you notice any of the warning signs below, it is time to take action to protect your home and family:

Noises in the Attic

These rodents are skilled nest builders, and during breeding seasons, they may seek shelter within our attics, posing a potential threat to our homes. Aside from nocturnal activity, squirrels may also be active during daylight hours. Listen for scratching, scampering, and playful chatter emanating from your attic or walls during the day and the night.

Visible Damage

Squirrels need to gnaw on objects to keep their teeth trimmed. Unfortunately, this habit can lead to substantial property damage. Chewed wires, furniture, stored possessions, and even structural elements are telltale signs that squirrels have taken up residence within your home. This behavior can cause serious damage to your home and safety issues as electrical wires are live and can spark fires in your attic, crawlspace, or walls where the squirrels are dwelling.

Visible Entry Points

Inspect your home’s exterior for visible entry points, such as gaps in siding, soffits, and rooflines. Squirrels can squeeze through surprisingly small openings, so it is important to seal off potential entry points to prevent future infestations.

Nesting Materials

If you find shredded materials, leaves, or twigs scattered around your property, squirrels might be in the vicinity. If you discover squirrel nests or nesting materials in your attic or other secluded areas of your home, it is a clear indicator of their presence and a need for immediate action.

Nvirotect’s Humane Squirrel Eviction Process

At Nvirotect Pest Control Services, we prioritize eco-friendly and humane approaches to our Tampa wildlife removal services, and our two-step squirrel removal process is no exception. In addition to live eviction services, we also offer sanitization services to address the droppings, and will remove and properly dispose of any deceased squirrels, if there are any.

We employ a comprehensive two-step rodent eviction process to ensure the safety and well-being of these creatures and your property.

Step 1: Sealing Off Entry Points

Our expert technicians conduct a meticulous inspection of your property to identify all possible entry points squirrels might exploit. Using rodent-reinforced sealants and materials, we securely close off these openings, effectively cutting off their access to your home.

Step 2: Implementing the One-Way Door

The next stage involves installing a one-way door at the remaining entry point. This clever contraption allows squirrels to exit your property freely, but once they are out, they can not get back in. No harm comes to the squirrels during this process.

Monitoring and Completion of Squirrel Eviction

Our job does not end with the installation of the one-way door. Our dedicated team monitors the property, ensuring all squirrels have left through the one-way door without reentry. Once confident that the eviction is complete, we safely remove the one-way door and seal the final hole, leaving your home squirrel-free.

Trust the Experts For Your Wildlife Removal Services 

Choosing Nvirotect Pest Control Services for safe rodent removal in Tampa means protecting both your property and the wildlife that surrounds us. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices and humane removal methods helps to promote coexistence between humans and nature. We are proud to have a team of dedicated and highly skilled expert wildlife specialists to help ensure a safe, humane, and effective squirrel eviction service for your property.

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