Expert Rodent Removal and Control in Tampa

Did you know that one male and one female rodent and their offspring may produce 15,000 rodents on average per year? Rodent Removal and Control is often a necessary service for your home and business. Whether it is during the cool months of winter and fall or the warm and wet months of summer and spring, rodents may find their way into your living and working space.

Nvirotect Pest Control Services can protect you and your family with the best rodent control in Tampa.

Protection from Rats and Mice

Norway rats, roof rats, and field mice are some of the most common rodents you may find in Florida. And, rodents are known to spread as many as 35 different diseases to humans worldwide.

At Nvirotect, our team cares about more than just eliminating rodents from your property. We prioritize the safety of humans and the environment with safe removal procedures.

Oftentimes, rats and mice will find their way into your home or business when this happens.When this happens, our experts will start by performing a free inspection. Our team will inspect all areas of your property to pinpoint any potential spots of entry. Then we will provide you with our findings and recommendations.

We perform entry point repairs with rodent reinforced measures to prevent rodents from re-entering your structure along with interior trapping to remove the interior population. Nvirotect Pest Control Services offers a one year warranty on these exclusions, and is committed to providing the highest quality work and rodent control at all times.

Integrated Wildlife Management for Rodent Removal

With Integrated Wildlife Management, our team considers every aspect of the project and tailors the approach for your unique situation. And, in the unfortunate event that a deceased rodent is found in your home or on your property, our team can remove the rodent, as well as properly dispose of it. We also offer sanitization services.

Our team has the experience, passion, and care needed for expert rodent removal and rodent trapping in Tampa.

The Nvirotect team has extensive knowledge on rodent management and potential entry points, and can protect you, your loved ones, and your property from harm.

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No matter how prepared you think you are, unwanted guests are often inevitable. If you are in need of safe, efficient, professional rodent removal in Tampa, look no further than Nvirotect Pest Control Services.

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