Bats are fascinating creatures that play a crucial role in our ecosystem by controlling insect populations and pollinating plants. However, when they take up residence in our homes or businesses, they can become a nuisance and even pose potential health risks. 

Bats are protected from April 15th through August 15th every year and cannot be evicted during this time. However, between August 15th and April 15th each year, Nvirotect Pest Control Services is proud to offer environmentally safe bat eviction alongside our other comprehensive Tampa wildlife removal service offerings.

This article aims to provide valuable insights into Nvirotect’s bat eviction services, focusing on the importance of addressing bat infestations promptly and safely.

Signs of Bat Infestation

The first step in combating a bat infestation is recognizing the warning signs. Being familiar with these indicators can enable homeowners and business owners to take timely action. Some of the most common signs of bat infestations include:

  1. Strange Noises: Bats are nocturnal creatures, so their activities predominantly occur throughout the night. As a result, homeowners may hear scratching, squeaking, or fluttering sounds, especially in the attic or walls.
  2. Bat Droppings (Guano): Bat droppings are often found near their entry points or roosting areas. The guano resembles small, dark pellets and accumulates over time.
  3. Stains and Grease Marks: Bats have natural oils on their fur, which they leave behind as they enter and exit their roosts. These oils result in noticeable stains and grease marks near the entry holes.
  4. Physical Sightings: Observing bats flying in and out of the building, especially during dusk or dawn, is a clear indication of a bat infestation.


Potential Dangers and Health Risks

While bats are beneficial to the ecosystem as they eat insects and pollinate plants, their presence in living spaces can pose health risks. Bat guano can harbor a fungus called Histoplasma Capsulatum, which can cause histoplasmosis—a respiratory disease that affects humans and pets.

Additionally, bats are potential carriers of rabies, though the incidence of rabies in bats is relatively low. Nevertheless, it is crucial to handle bat infestations with caution and seek professional help for their safe eviction.


Bat Eviction Process

Nvirotect Pest Control Services is proud to employ a bat eviction process that prioritizes and protects both the integrity of your property and the wellbeing of bats. The process was developed with a humane and eco-friendly approach. Our step-by-step eviction method includes:

  1. Preliminary Inspection and Assessment: One of our certified Tampa wildlife removal technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the property to identify all potential entry points and assess the severity of the bat infestation.
  2. Sealing All Entry Points Except One: Once the inspection is complete, your technician will meticulously seal all possible entry points, leaving only one unsealed entry point for the bats to exit.
  3. Installation of a One-Way Bat Net with a Valve: A specialized one-way bat net, equipped with a valve, is then strategically placed over the remaining open hole. This innovative valve allows bats to exit freely and prevents them from reentering.
  4. Observing and Monitoring Bat Activity: Your Nvirotect technician will then observe and monitor bat activity, ensuring that all bats have safely evacuated the premises.
  5. Sealing the Final Hole: With the assurance that all bats have left, the final entry point is securely sealed, preventing any chance of their return.


Preventative Measures

Beyond the eviction process, we at Nvirotect Pest Control Services want to provide recommendations to help you prevent future bat infestations:

  • Regular Inspections: Regularly having a certified Tampa green pest control service technician with Nvirotect Pest Control Services inspect the property can help identify potential entry points and address them before they become an issue.
  • Sealing Gaps and Cracks: Ensure that all openings in the structure are adequately sealed denying bats access to potential roosting areas.
  • Installing Bat Boxes: Providing alternative roosting options, such as bat boxes placed away from living areas, can divert bats from choosing less desirable roosting spots.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Reducing outdoor lighting during bat season can minimize their attraction to the property, as bats are more sensitive to bright lights.


If You Are In Need Of Bat Eviction, Look No Further Than Nvirotect Pest Control Services

Our bat eviction services are designed with a commitment to the safety of your family, your employees, and the environment. By addressing bat infestations promptly and responsibly and implementing preventive measures, you can enjoy a bat-free home or business.

If you suspect a bat infestation in your home or business, do not hesitate to take action. Schedule an inspection with Nvirotect Pest Control Services today to experience the benefits of the best green pest control in Tampa.

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