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How to Get Rid of Fire AntsIf you’ve ever seen a small, dark reddish brown, six-legged insect, then you’ve probably heard of a fire ant before, and wondered how to get rid of fire ants. Fire ants can live in the grass, under sidewalks, on the school playground, and even inside your home. They build mounds for the colony that can grow up to 18-24 inches in height.

Approximately 250,000 of these stinging, invasive species can live in these mounds. Yes, fire ants actually sting, not bite. They hold onto you with their jaw, known as mandibles and have to be brushed off in order for them to leave. The sting can leave a welt within 20 minutes, which can be followed by symptoms such as hives, itching, swelling, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing/swallowing, or even worse, anaphylaxis for people who are badly allergic. So how to get rid of fire ants is a question we get all the time. Luckily for anyone who may have these fire ant problems, Top Choice fire ant treatment was designed to take control of these outdoor pests.

How Does Top Choice Work?

Top Choice fire ant treatment is made up of fipronil, low-dose pesticide granules. The treatment is placed all around your yard, mulch beds, and flower gardens in order for the active ingredient to Top Choice Fire Ant Insecticidebe released into the soil. This allows fire ants to discover it for themselves. Subsequently, they eventually bring it back to their colony. Once it is dispersed around the colony, the ants will die, leaving the mound lifeless. The mound will wash away with the rain and will soon perish because the ants won’t be there to replenish it. This process can take around 4-6 weeks, however, it is the most successful strategy when taking care of these ants.

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Why Should I Choose Top Choice?

Top Choice can be applied during any season and it will stay active even through rainy climates. The application can last up to one full year, in other words, you only need one treatment for the entire year. Another benefit is that Nvirotect Pest Control Services will provide free re-treatments throughout the whole year if necessary. It is safe for your whole family, so you’ll be able to take back your yard, sidewalks, playground, and home. As you could assume from all these beneficial features, Top Choice is the #1 professional fire ant treatment. The granules need to be purchased and applied by a licensed professional, but you can learn more about the product here. Contact Nvirotect Pest Control Services today for a free quote.