What Are Sod Webworms?

If you have ever noticed a yellowish-brown patch of grass in your lawn or chewed looking grass blades, you may have heard of lawn pests called sod webworms. Sod webworms are whitish moth larvae that can typically be found in your lawn.   They are introduced to your lawn in the early evening hours when the  adult female moths fly just above the lawn.  As they land on tips of the grass, they lay up to several hundred eggs.  These eggs develop into larvae within a week and start feeding on your lawn.  Each female moth can reproduce up to 3 times each summer. 

When present, these larvae are notorious for chewing on grass blades which is their food source.  They also create webs that can be seen on top of your lawn in the early morning. Furthermore, these worms normally feed at night so you may see the aftermath of their feeding in the morning. A positive characteristic about these worms is they are not dangerous to humans, however, these worms can cause serious damage to lawns and landscape.   And if left untreated, they can demolish your lawn. Learn more about sod webworms.

Signs That I Should Seek Lawn Care Treatment For Sod Web Worms?

As already mentioned, if you notice that your lawn appears to be a strange color such as yellow or brown,  or you are seeing chewed areas of grass blades or webs on your lawn in the early morning, you should seek professional help before it is too late and you need to replace your sod.  If your not sure if your lawn is at risk, please contact Nvirotect for a free analysis of your lawn. You can see images here   https://nvirotect.com/lawn-shrub-care/

How Can I Get Rid Of Sod Webworms?

One of the most effective, recommended treatments for this lawn pest is using a product called Bifen XTS liquid. This is an oil-based liquid treatment that is sprayed on the grass blades. When the worms eat the grass and ingest the product they will eventually die off. One of the many benefits of using Bifen XTS liquid is that this product also works on some other insects as well.  One treatment may be able to do the job, however, depending on the severity of the situation, you may need a second or third treatment. Of course there are other factors when determining how many treatments you need. For example, when you cut your grass, the product will be taken out along with the clippings. Therefore, you will possibly want to have your yard treated again.  This product can only be purchased and applied by a licensed pest control professional like Nvirotect who specializes in lawn care.

Think you Might Have Sod Webworms?

Sod Webworms can cause brown spots in your yard.

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