Fluctuations in daily temperatures affect each of us in different ways. Did you know weather changes affect insect behavior as well?

Warmer increases metabolic rates in insects contributing to them needing to eat more. In some instances a change in weather may increase reproduction rates.  That’s why Florida is the ideal climate for insects to thrive and flourish.  The majority of time, the overall temperature throughout Florida is favorable to insects.  Therefore, if insects were not controlled, Florida would be overpopulated with insect activity.  This overpopulation impacts our crops, our sanitation, and our health.

Insects sense the warm and the cold weather.  When it gets colder outside, they have an innate ability to determine it’s time to hibernate or seek warmer shelter.  They don’t have an emotional response to cold, nor do they have the ability to sense pain from cold.  Instead weather changes affect insect behavior by triggering their instinct. Therefore they seek warmer climate and more favorable conditions. This could be the inside or your house.  Once inside they can live comfortably on small amounts of your water and food.

Insects maintain a body temperature similar to their environment.  They thrive in the typically warmer weather conditions in Florida.  However, as temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, they don’t function as well.  These weather changes affect insect behavior by slowing down metabolic rates and prompting them to hibernate or seek shelter.  Insects typically do not freeze until below -4 degrees Fahrenheit.  Therefore, in Florida, there is very little chance that a deep freeze will kill off the insect population like some of the northern states.

When the weather changes quickly from hot to cold, insects scramble to seek warm shelter.  Protect your home from being the shelter they seek.  Contact us for a free quote https://nvirotect.com/request-a-quote/