Knowing how to quickly catch and identify a potential infestation in your home is an important skill that every homeowner should possess. For residents living in Florida, pests can be an especially large problem due to the favorable warm climate. Though pests may be out of your line of sight, that doesn’t mean identifying them is impossible. Read on to educate yourself on the 3 major warning signs that may mean it’s time to call an environmentally friendly pest control service in Tampa.

Strange Odor in Your Home: Time for Pest Control Service in Tampa

If you’ve noticed a weird odor in your Tampa home, it may not be from that week-old lasagna in the fridge. There are several pests that could be contributing to that unpleasant smell:

  • Bedbugs – Bedbugs have a smell like that of coriander, and their droppings leave behind a smell like that of an old copper penny.
  • Roaches – When there is a very large infestation of roaches is when you’ll start to smell them. They typically give off a pungent, musty, and sometimes an oily odor.
  • Mice and rats – If a mouse or rat infestation is large enough, you will be able to smell it. A strong ammonia smell from their urine or musky smell from their droppings will be present.

If you think you may be smelling one of these odors in your Tampa home, its typically due to a large infestation and you should contact your trusted green pest control service in Tampa to safely address this.

Droppings in Your Home

Besides actually seeing a pest in your home, droppings can be one of the biggest indicators of an infestation. We all know that pests aren’t tidy, so if there is an infestation you’re likely to find urine or droppings in your pantries or elsewhere. Usually, this is an indicator of mice or cockroaches, depending on the droppings. If you are finding small droppings, it’s time to call a green pest control service in Tampa that can professionally and safely handle the problem at hand.

Nighttime Noises in Your Home

Have you ever been lying in bed after a long day, when suddenly you hear a sort of scuffling noise in the ceiling or walls around you? This can be another important indicator that you may have a pest problem in your home. These types of noises usually indicate that a mouse, squirrel, raccoon or other furry friends may be living in your walls, attic or otherwise. This can cause damage to the inner structures of your home and is important to take care of quickly.

If you’ve experienced any of these warning signs in your home, taking fast action is imperative. Hiring a green pest control service can help you remedy the problem safely and that’s where Nvirotect Pest Control Services in Tampa comes in. With our environmentally friendly approach by eliminating harsh pesticides and utilizing botanically based products, we eliminate the problem where it starts.

Seen any of these warning signs in your home? Contact Nvirotect today to request a quote!