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Common Wildlife Removal Problems in Tampa


Due to the warm, and sometimes rainy climate in Tampa, there are a variety of wildlife pests that commonly seek shelter in resident’s homes. There are a variety of animals that can call your house their home. Three of the most common in Tampa are raccoons, bats, and rodents like rats, mice and squirrels. Know when it’s time to call a wildlife removal services by learning how to identify their presence.

Tampa’s Most Wanted
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3 Signs You Need Pest Control Service in Tampa


Knowing how to quickly catch and identify a potential infestation in your home is an important skill that every homeowner should possess. For residents living in Florida, pests can be an especially large problem due to the favorable warm climate. Though pests may be out of your line of sight, that doesn’t mean identifying them is impossible. Read on to educate yourself on the 3 major warning signs that may mean it’s time to …

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Green Certified Pest Control at EcoFest

At Nvirotect, we provide the most innovative “Green Certified” Pest Control program available in the Nation. As a result, we have developed state-of-the-art pest control procedures. Subsequently, these procedures provide you and your family with the safest and most effective treatment available. Our residential Green Certified Pest Control program is based on regulations set forth by Pro Green and LEED for Homes. It’s a national initiative to develop a more sustainable living environment.

We …

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