In 2021, approximately 124 million occupied homes across the country reported seeing roaches, and nearly 15 million occupied homes reported seeing rodents like rats or mice, according to the US Census Bureau. Pests are a significant issue for many American homeowners and business owners.

At Nvirotect Pest Control Services, we know the importance of reinventing and professionalizing pest control to provide more sustainable results. And, we are committed to serving as the benchmark in pest control to elevate the industry to new heights.

Learn more about our innovation and leadership in pest control, and why we are the premier choice for Green Certified Pest Control in Tampa.

Innovative Practices

As part of our innovative practices, we are continuously researching and introducing new technologies that provide higher-quality results.

In2Care Technology

One of these technologies is In2Care. In2Care is an environmentally friendly solution to reduce the mosquito population around homes and businesses. In2care mosquito traps work to lure and contaminate mosquitoes with a larvicide that is continuously spread around by infected mosquitoes.

This method quickly targets mosquitoes and eliminates them before they grow into biting adults and reproduce, also working to reduce diseases like Zika, Yellow Fever, and more.

ContraPest Technology

ContraPest, a form of highly-effective, non-lethal rodent birth control, safely targets rodents and limits their ability to reproduce. Combining ContraPest with exterior bait stations reduces the rodent population around homes and businesses drastically. Through the innovative practice of utilizing different formulations of rodenticide, Nvirotect Pest Control Services can also treat rodents more effectively than ever before.

Safer Pest Control

We also use an outside approach for pest control, a stark contrast to blanket baseboard spraying, a method that many traditional pest control companies utilize. Our outside approach limits exposure to products, as it is not necessary to treat the inside of a structure if the issue can be prevented from the outside first. Only when the action threshold is met, or when several pests or one rodent are spotted inside the home, do we use products inside.

Furthermore, by changing the frequency from monthly to quarterly pest control for residential services, we are able to effectively treat pests without using excessive products, which is better for the environment.

We have also implemented a redefined product selection. Rather than utilizing liquid formulations inside, our Service Technicians use safer formulations like gels and baits, pucks and packets, and dust.

Additionally, we prioritize targeted placements, or placing treatments where the actual pests are coming in. These placements may be located in cracks and crevices, under baseboards, and behind outlets, as blanket baseboard applications are obsolete and not as safe for humans and pets.

Leadership in Green Certified Pest Control in Tampa

In addition to innovative practices, we prioritize Green Certified Pest Control that limits harmful impacts to the environment. Nvirotect Pest Control Services was the first Green Certified company in Florida, and our products are part of the San Francisco Tier III Reduced-Risk Pesticide List. This means that they are deemed safe to be used around humans and pets.

Our Green practices also consist of drastically changing procedures to use more Integrated Pest Management, like performing inspections and only treating necessary areas.

As part of reinventing and professionalizing pest control, we know how important it is to be well-trained and passionate. Our Service Professionals care about what they do, are highly-skilled, and undergo monthly and weekly training sessions. At Nvirotect Pest Control Services, we are proud to train our employees more thoroughly than any other pest control company, and believe it truly makes a world of a difference in results.

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Over the last 20 years, and with more than 75 years of combined industry experience, Nvirotect Pest Control Services has developed a new way of performing pest control. We are proud to be the benchmark in the pest control industry and are committed to innovation and leadership.

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