Winter is quickly approaching and bringing chilly weather with it. While the cool, crisp air may feel great for Florida residents, local pests tend to feel differently. Chances are, if you’re cold, they’re cold and will seek shelter. See some top winter pests and how to prevent them from invading your home:


Due to their cold-blooded nature, ants thrive in warm conditions. Because of this, it is no surprise they seek shelter indoors when temperatures drop. To keep ants from disrupting the coziness of your home this winter, avoid leaving crumbs or open containers of food around. If possible, sealing off any entrances or cracks in your house can decrease the likelihood of them finding their way inside.

Even a small number of ants in your home can signify a large problem. Do not hesitate to take action before they become a big problem. Partner with a sustainable pest control service such as Nvirotect to eliminate the colony.


With the holiday season comes something known as “cockroach season”. Much like ants, cockroaches are cold-blooded; meaning they do not fend well in cold temperatures. The warmth of a Florida home can be an attractive place for these insects to hide during bouts of cold weather.

By ensuring the goods in your pantry are properly sealed and keeping crumbs to a minimum, you can avoid attracting these pests. If your home does fall victim to cockroach season this winter, partner with an experienced pest control service like Nvirotect who can identify and eliminate the source.

Rats and Micewinter pests mouse in blanket

The winter months can drive some rodents into hibernation, but not mice or rats. Mice and rats tend to stay active year-round but have difficulty surviving outside when the temperature drops.

If you’re finding half-chewed wires, droppings or hear scratching noises in the middle of the night, a mice infestation may be at hand. Mice and rats can carry diseases harmful to humans and pets, so it is important to contact pest control immediately to remedy the problem. Contacting a green company like Nvirotect will ensure the infestation is addressed immediately and handled in a safe manner.


If you’re like most people, silverfish give you the heebie-jeebies. These creatures thrive in high-humidity environments, meaning winter drives them inside to seek warmth. Broken window frames or gaps in your home can be easy entry points for them to sneak in and make your house their home. They feed on a multitude of items, including cardboard boxes, glue books, and other common office supplies.

These pests can be tricky to get rid of because they are experts at hiding. If you suspect an infestation, toss cardboard boxes and paper items to cut off their food supply, and then contact the experts Nvirotect to eradicate the colony.

Continued partnership with a sustainable pest control company like Nvirotect can ensure your home is protected from the creepy-crawlies looking to enjoy the warmth of your home. Take your home back, and contact Nvirotect today for a free assessment.