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Weather Changes Affect Insect Behavior

Fluctuations in daily temperatures affect each of us in different ways. Did you know weather changes affect insect behavior as well?

Warmer increases metabolic rates in insects contributing to them needing to eat more. In some instances a change in weather may increase reproduction rates.  That’s why Florida is the ideal climate for insects to thrive and flourish.  The majority of time, the overall temperature throughout Florida is favorable to insects.  Therefore, if insects were …

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6 Tips for Springtime Pest Prevention

Why Springtime Pest Prevention Can Put Your Mind at Ease

Springtime is right around the corner, and with it brings new life – and more pests to worry about. Springtime pest prevention can put your mind at ease. When the weather warms up, those insects that laid dormant during winter reemerge to breed and start new colonies. This is especially true for homes in Tampa, Florida as the weather is typically much warmer than in …

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Raccoon Removal: Steps to Take When a Raccoon is in Your Home

Racoons may look adorable, but these bandits are one of the most common wildlife that plague homes in Florida. Raccoons enjoy warm weather. It isn’t uncommon for them to seek shelter in cozy Tampa Bay area homes during the winter. This makes raccoon removal necessary. We identify the signs of a potential raccoon roommate and what to do if one has taken residence in your home.

How Do I Know if There is a Raccoon…
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Florida’s Top 4 Winter Pests

Winter is quickly approaching and bringing chilly weather with it. While the cool, crisp air may feel great for Florida residents, local pests tend to feel differently. Chances are, if you’re cold, they’re cold and will seek shelter. See some top winter pests and how to prevent them from invading your home:


Due to their cold-blooded nature, ants thrive in warm conditions. Because of this, it is no surprise they seek shelter indoors when …

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