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Summer Lawn Care Tips

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Weather Changes Affect Insect Behavior

Fluctuations in daily temperatures affect each of us in different ways. Did you know weather changes affect insect behavior as well?

Warmer increases metabolic rates in insects contributing to them needing to eat more. In some instances a change in weather may increase reproduction rates.  That’s why Florida is the ideal climate for insects to thrive and flourish.  The majority of time, the overall temperature throughout Florida is favorable to insects.  Therefore, if insects were …

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Wildlife Removal Services – Nvirotect Expands Service Offering

Lutz, FL – Nvirotect Pest Control Services now offers over 15 wildlife removal services. The Tampa company has over ten years of expert wildlife removal. It’s developed many ways of removing pests and dangerous wildlife in Florida. Nvirotect offers a range of successful services. The company’s aim is to help businesses and homeowners get rid of unwanted wildlife from their properties. They do it, while doing what’s best for the environment.

Nvirotect manages everything

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Sod Webworms Might Be Causing Brown Spots in Your Lawn

What Are Sod Webworms?

If you have ever noticed a yellowish-brown patch of grass in your lawn or chewed looking grass blades, you may have heard of lawn pests called sod webworms. Sod webworms are whitish moth larvae that can typically be found in your lawn.   They are introduced to your lawn in the early evening hours when the  adult female moths fly just above the lawn.  As they land on tips of the grass, …

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