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Green Pest Control Services for a Better Home

Nvirotect is the first Green Pro Certified pest control service in Florida. We’re always striving to provide safe, cutting-edge services to the residents of Tampa Bay.  By focusing on pest prevention, green products & practices, along with non-chemical means to pest proofing we provide safer, more environmentally friendly pest control services that give you the results wanted.

Green-Minded Treatments

Insects can enter your home via many different avenues. Our trained technicians inspect for possible entry …

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Termite Control Tampa – What You Need to Know

What are Termites?

Nvirotect is on the front lines of termite control in Tampa. Termites are small pests that feed on cellulose in wood and have the potential to do significant damage to your home if not treated. Common termites in Tampa such as Subterranean termites, both Eastern and Formosan, can be hard to spot. They live in subterranean colonies underground and can make their way into your home, often unseen.

What Do Termites Look
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The Basics of Spring Lawn and Shrub Care

Spring is the season for new life and the most important time of the year to start taking care of your Spring Lawn and Shrub Care. By understanding the services you need to give your yard this Spring, you can boost your home’s curb appeal with a lush, green lawn. Continue reading to learn how fertilization, pre- and post-emergent weed control and fire ant treatments can give you the lawn of your dreams this year.…

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Keep Your Tampa Home Safe from Termites

The sun is shining, the flowers are coming into bloom, and termites are starting to reemerge. For homes in Tampa, Florida the Spring and Summer months bring with it the threat of termites. Our warm climate makes Florida a perfect breeding ground for pesky termites who can cause damage to your home. Nvirotect helps keep your Tampa home safe from termites.

How Can Termite Damage Affect My Home?

For Tampa residents, the Subterranean Termite is …

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