Are you on the hunt for rodent trapping in Tampa? If your home or business has an unwanted guest, look no further than Nvirotect Pest Control Services to help safely remove rodents that may be causing harm to your property.

Our trained technicians provide customers and the wildlife with the safest and most effective rodent management.

Learn more today about how Nvirotect Pest Control Services can help protect you, your family and employees, the environment, and the integrity of your structure.

What Are Rodent Bait Stations?

One of the most efficient ways to control the rodent population around your home or business is with bait stations. Rodent bait stations hold rodenticide blox safely inside of its container. This means that accidental poisoning can be avoided, and no rodents will be caught inside the station.

Instead, rodents will enter the bait station, eat a small but lethal dose of poison, and then exit the station. This is particularly helpful for rats and mice, as even one ounce of poison can eliminate many. After ingesting the bait, rodents go looking for a water source and eventually parish away from your structure.

Rodent bait stations are placed discreetly around your structure in target areas of high rodent activity and in areas likely to attract rodents. Entryways of the station are placed along the structure to intercept the rodents. Rodents that have come in contact with the bait station and feed on the bait will be eliminated.

Controlling Rodent Populations With ContraPest

Another reason that Nvirotect Pest Control Services offers the premier rodent management in Tampa is because our technicians employ ContraPest technology. ContraPest serves to reduce the rate in which rodents repopulate. In other words, ContraPest is a form of highly-effective rodent birth control.

The average lifespan for rats is approximately 8 to 12 months, and reproduction can begin as early as 2 months. One male with one female and their offspring may produce up to 15,000 rats in 1 year .This form of non-lethal contraceptive restricts reproductive abilities in both females and males.

The Nvirotect team can deploy ContraPest systems around your home or business, as well as maintain them ongoing. Maintenance occurs on a monthly basis.

Fertility control is a safe and effective targeted control of the rodents ability to reproduce. Nvirotect strategically places contraceptive baiting stations in areas with the highest level of activity. Combining exterior rodent bait stations along with stopping the rodents’ ability to reproduce will over time dramatically reduce the rodent population around your home or business.

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Unwanted visitors in your home and business can wreak havoc on your daily life and operations. The good news is, Nvirotect Pest Control Services has the best techniques in the industry for quickly and effectively removing rodents.

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