If you are a Florida local, you are no stranger to the Sunshine State’s warm, humid, and potentially stormy weather. While this weather makes Florida one of the most unique states in the country, it does impact your lawn and shrub care.

Nvirotect Pest Control Services has more than 25 years of experience in providing the best lawn treatment services in Tampa. Our trained service technicians know how to create a lawn that is both beautiful and healthy, taking Florida’s unpredictable weather into account.

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Best Practices for Watering and Mowing

A common lawn misconception is that the more you water it, the greener and thicker it will grow. But, overwatering your lawn can do just as much damage as underwatering. Too much watering can promote fungus and prevent grass roots from drying completely, while not enough watering can cause heat stress and drought, or attract harmful chinch bugs.

Depending on the zone and time of year, it is recommended to water between 30 and 60 minutes per zone, and the ideal watering start time is between 4:00 am and 5:00 am.

In addition to watering, it is recommended to mow the lawn at about four to five inches in length to avoid stressing the root system. When the lawn is mowed too low it also promotes a unique odor, often attracting harmful pests. Be sure to also always have a sharp blade if mowing your own lawn, as dull blades can cause grass to turn a dull brown or yellow color.

Maintaining a Healthy pH Level

One important aspect of growing a lush lawn is maintaining a healthy pH level. Having the perfect pH level allows your grass, shrubs, and plants to absorb nutrients. Without a proper pH level, your lawn may grow weeds, moss, and other unappealing plants.

It is crucial to test the acidity of your lawn on a regular basis and adjust lawn and shrub care services accordingly. Even something as simple as falling leaves can impact your lawn’s pH levels.

If your lawn’s pH level falls below the desired level of 6.5-6.8, Nvirotect lawn care professionals can apply lime treatments to bring acidity back to normal. Lime applications typically take place once a month and then as needed until the proper level is achieved.

Hire the Premier Tampa Lawn Care Service

For many, achieving the lawn of your dreams can be a lengthy and stressful process. The good news is, Nvirotect offers the best lawn treatment services in Tampa tailored to your unique needs and budget. Our trained lawn technicians will provide a free on-site analysis and competitive quote of how to bring your lawn goals to life.

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