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Nvirotect – Tampa Pest Control

Nvirotect provides affordable Tampa pest control services with an A+ service rating from the Better Business Bureau and awarded superior customer service from Angie’s List. We offer a variety of plans to deal with pests specific to Tampa and understand the seasonal need to adjust our services in attempt to eliminate the pests before they make your home their new home. We offer services indoors and out for Tampa Pests like fire ants, fleas, bed bugs, silverfish, termites, and many more.

Nvirotect is a Green Tampa Pest Control Company

Tampa Bay’s premiere green certified pest control company! We understand the importance of keeping your family in a clean space that is still conscious of the earth. We provide services that balance the need of preventing and removing nuisance and even dangerous pests and maintaining a positive impact on the earth. Our green Tampa pest control always takes into consideration the vast waterways and delicate ecosystem of Tampa. From the Hillsborough River to Tampa Bay’s estuaries, Nvirotect makes a priority to ensure that Tampa’s natural beauty is unharmed.

We always minimize the use of chemicals and are consciousness of where we spray. When it comes to nuisance animals, we attempt relocation whenever possible. We also are on the watch for anything that we know may become an issue and share that information so preventative measures can be put in place.

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Nvirotect’s Lawn & Shrub Care Extends Pest Control and Lawn Care Outside

Nvirotect Tampa Pest Control Sign
Look for the Nvirotect sign to see our lawn and shrub care results.

Nvirotect’s lawn and shrub care division provides lawn fertilization, weed control and pest control all around your home or business. We take pride in making every landscape look fantastic! Nvirotect service technicians place our sign with pride by paying attention to the details. We want our current customers to be happy and your neighbors to be our new clients through proving our hard work and attention to detail on your lawn and shrubs.

Termite Prevention and Treatment

Nvirotect has a variety of termite treatment and prevention programs to keep your home safe from wood boring organisms. We offer programs from Sentricon, Termidor, Bora-Care and Premise for new construction. Make sure that your home is protected from damage. Nvirotect has expert certified service inspectors who specialize in termite prevention and removal. We offer WDO services if you are buying a home to make sure your investment is protected from potential expensive damages.