Nvirotect Wildlife Removal Services uses humane trapping and relocation for their raccoon removal. We understand the importance of being good stewards to the earth and always choose non-lethal methods of pest and animal control when possible. At Nvirotect we understand the importance of maintaining a safe home that is free from unwanted raccoons that can carry diseases and be a bite threat to your family and guests. We offer a multi part approach for raccoon removal that includes removal, cleaning and prevention of a raccoon reentering your home or property.

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The Importance of Raccoon Removal

There are many reasons to keep raccoons away from your property! Beyond the annoying getting into your garbage; raccoons carry several conditions including Rabies, Giardia, Leptospirosis and Roundworms. Always keep an eye out for raccoon waste, as it is usually the source of transmitting various diseases.

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Wildlife Removal – Raccoon Removal

Nvirotect believes that our job is not done unless the raccoon is gone, the area is cleaned and any entry points are identified and sealed when possible. It is often obvious that there is a raccoon in your attic; as you will usually hear noise from them moving about. Raccoons may also live in crawl spaces and areas in the yard that have thick foliage. Raccoons have a habit of using the same location to go the bathroom. Keep an eye out for feces that is about the size of a small dog’s, and staring to accumulate. Make sure to keep pets away from those locations to prevent passing diseases to your pets.

If you suspect a raccoon is a little too comfortable at your home or business call us or fill out a request for a quote!

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