Hospitality Pest Control

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Nvirotect’s Green Certified Pest Control Programs

Protecting Your Reputation And Your Image

Hotels’ and Restaurants’ reputation is based on the ability to keep patrons coming back. In addition the easiest way for a Hotel or Restaurant to succeed or fail is by word of mouth. A patron’s experience is the lifeline to longevity. Nvirotect understands this fact and is focused on protecting the reputation of your facility.
At Nvirotect we understand this principle. We strive to create the most innovative pest control program available and are constantly investing in our company to ensure that our programs are always cutting edge. In addition, we have developed procedures that increase the safety to the patrons and decrease the use of pesticides inside of a hospitality facility. Our program is focused on prevention through proactive measures such as inspection and education. In addition, to education we will provide your facility with a comprehensive reporting program to ensure that you will stay in full compliance with all federal regulations. This reporting system will provide everything you need for review by public health inspectors and any other federal licensing agency.
An Nvirotect hospitality program encompasses techniques utilized in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) while always utilizing action threshold technology. This technology allows for an Nvirotect technician to address specific issues within a facility rather than blanket spraying products; thus creating an effective and environmentally safe program.

Nvirotect’s Green Certified Pest Control Programs

faviconProperty Management Program

Nvirotect has developed a state of the art program for helping property managers maintain a pest free environment while creating a healthier building for their tenants. Nvirotect’s ability to customize a program for an entire portfolio or just one building has led us to become a leader in Southwest Florida for pest control in the property management sector.

faviconFood & Beverage Program

Nvirotect’s technicians are trained in proper service and inspection techniques for the food processing industry. Our technicians have completed thorough training regarding federal regulations, which facilities such as yours must comply. Technician training encompasses the Consolidated Standards set forth by the American Institute of Bakers (AIB), as well as all of Florida’s State standards.

faviconIndustrial Program

Industrial pest control is another one of Nvirotect’s areas of expertise. Our staff is highly trained in identification of areas throughout your facility that could cause future pest problems. We will also provide your facility with any documentation necessary for internal or external audits.

faviconBanking Program

Nvirotect has quickly become the leader in pest control service for the banking industry. Our belief that we must understand your industry as well as we understand ours is the driving force behind our success. Our staff is background checked and must complete one of the most extensive training programs in the pest control industry before entering your facility.

faviconHome Owners Association

Managing an HOA is complicated enough without having to worry about pest control. An HOA needs to be able to focus on creating a great community and not on vendors. Nvirotect understands this and is proud to be helping communities “GO GREEN”. In addition, the community members of any HOA we service are eligible for discounts on home pest control services.

faviconMultiple Location Companies

Companies may find it difficult to maintain effective vendors when they open branches or satellite locations. Nvirotect has developed procedures to make managing pest control at multiple locations simple.

Our account manager will assist you with customization of billing, meeting pest control program requirements, and assisting with service requests for all company locations.

faviconIPM Service

Following the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Nvirotect provides you with a pest free environment while reducing the amounts of pesticide used within your facility. Keeping your employees, your family, your customers, and our planet safe while providing first class effective pest control service is what our business is all about.

LEED Certifications Credits

Using Nvirotect Pest Control Services for your pest control needs qualifies you for LEED certifications credits.
LEED – certified buildings cost less to operate, reducing energy and water bills by as much as 40%. LEED certifications increase property values and LEED building have faster lease-up rates and may qualify for a host of money-saving incentives like tax rebates and zoning allowances. LEED certification can lower your operating costs and increase your asset value.
Using Nvirotect, not only helps you toward achieving LEED certification, but it also greatly increases the health and safety for your occupants, customers, etc.