Bat RemovalNvirotect Wildlife Removal Services uses humane trapping and relocation for their bat removal. We understand the importance of being good stewards to the earth and always choose non-lethal methods of pest and animal control when possible. At Nvirotect we understand the importance of maintaining a safe home that is free from unwanted bats that can carry diseases and be a threat to your family. We offer a multi part approach that includes removal, cleaning and prevention of bats from reentering your property. We also offer commercial bat removal services to ensure your employees and customers are safe and free from potential dangers associated with bat guano (bat droppings) or bite risks.

The Importance of Bat Removal

There are over 13 bat species in Florida, and one of them may be hidden in your home. Although these guys may seem cute in pictures, they pose a significant threat to your family. Bats can transmit rabies when they bite, infect your lungs from fungus in their guano (droppings), can create a lot of noise, and damage your property. Once they get into your attics and walls, they’ll keep nesting until they are removed. No one wants to hear the constant flapping and screeching of these winged mammals.

Wildlife Removal – Bat Removal

The removal of this pest is best left to professionals such as the Wildlife Removal Divisions of Nvirotect. We will remove the bats safely and clean up their leftovers as fast as possible. We are committed to keeping your home safe and allowing you to return to normal life as soon as we can.  Our safety guarantee means that we will treat the wildlife humanely and that these invaders won’t return.

Want to learn more about dealing with bats near your work and home? Visit the Florida Wildlife Commissions’ page on bats and their removal by clicking here.